Billa-2 Talkie Portions Over

Ajith Kumar’s ‘Billa-2’ is getting fast and faster now. Director Chakri Toleti managed to complete his debut directorial ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ and its Telugu version in 20 days each. When asked about his planning for ‘Billa-2’, he had mentioned that this might take more time as it involves lots of drama. But in contrast, the director has done a fabulous job marveling his very own producers and actor Ajith Kumar himself.

With the schedule of Georgia, around 95% of the shooting has been completed. According to the producers, they’ll be releasing the first look of Billa-2 by Pongal while trailer in February, Audio in March and theatrical release in April.

It is heard that lots of EFX works are involved, which will take the post production works for next couple of months.

Good Planning Chakri!!!

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