Norway Tamil Film Festival 2012 Officially

The Norway Tamil Film Festival will start on April 25th and go on till the 29th. This five-day event will be quite different from what it was previously. Several programs have been added to this event to make it popular.
Tamil feature films and short films are invited to enter this film fest. Selected films and short films will be screened at this event and two people associated with the film will be sponsored to attend this event in Norway.
The organizers will sponsor for the participants’ Visa, boarding and lodging. Only participants from Tamil Nadu are eligible for this sponsorship.
The schedule of this event is as follows:
April 25th – inaugural event and short film screening
April 26th – short film screening
April 27th – Award film screening
April 28th – Award film screening
April 29th – Award distribution and cultural program
Selected films and short films will be announced during the second week of January.