Car- racer Dileep Roger bonds with monitor lizard

Debutant director S. Balan has made a film with a monitor lizard being featured prominently along with India’s No.1 motor car racer Dileep Roger. He makes his debut as an actor in the film titled ‘Udumban’. S. Jagannathan has produced it under the banner of Modern Cinema. It will soon hit the screens.

Like Kamal’s ‘Indian’, Vijayakanth’s Ramana, and ‘Ee’, ‘Udumban’ also deals with issues affecting society. A still photo showing Dileep Roger, who plays the lead role, with the monitor lizard perched on his broad shoulders, has appeared in newspapers. Balan says he showed the creature to the Animal Welfare Board of India and obtained permission to shoot the film with it. He has bought it from a man belonging to Manamadurai who makes a living by catching monitor lizards and selling them. The one that was sold to Balan had been with the man for five years. After a year-long training in stunts and dancing and spending time with hunters, Dileep has adapted to the character of ‘Udumban’. The monitor lizard itself plays a major role along with Dileep. The creature helps in uniting the hero with his ladylove besides saving him from the clutches of his enemies.
The entire film has been shot in the forests of Karuvelamgadu.
Another salient feature is that the film has five songs written by Bharathidasan and two sons by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram.
Kitchas is the cinematographer.

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