Hansika says that beauty is to celebrate

Hansika who was fluffy has now reduced her weight and is now in good shape. A small interview with her:
What is the secret of your slimness?
The reason is simple diet. I bid bye to all the white colored food items. I also said good bye to all fried and oil items. I started eating small quantity of food at the specified time. That is how I have got the super shape.
In Vettai Mannan you are acting with Simbhu. How was it?
Many were telling that Simbhu was a problematic person. People who do not understand him have the opinion like that. Simbhu is an all rounder. To say the truth, he is a damn cool person.
You are always getting entangled in rumours?
It is wrong if there are no rumours.
You are very generous with your glamour?
Beauty is there to be celebrated. People who come to see the film should not alone appreciate our acting but also our beauty. That is the recognition for an actress.

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