Kajal Agarwal’s Veggie Favourites

  • The first thing I have in my Morning – Hot water with Lime.
  • My dietary preference – I am basically a vegetarian. I avoid non-veg food as much possible.
  • My lunch – is a regular Indian meal. I am not too fussy, I like all vegetables.
  • My favorite meal – since I’am barely at home, I miss eating home fppd and being a true Panjabi, I love Rajma Chawal and Paneer.
  • My favorite desserts – Tiramisu and brownies.
  • My fitness regiman – I do yoga as often as possible to keep fit.
  • My favorite frouits – Mhees and grapes.
  • A childhood memory associated with food – the kulchachhole of Amritsar.
  • My culinary abilities, I cook buckwheat and banana pancakes.
  • One food item I can’t resist buying –Chocolates.
  • My comfort food – cookies and ice- creams
  • The food item I thing I resemble – I am as intense as dark chocolate.
  • My favourite spice – Red Chilli and jalapenos.

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