Karan debuts with Kareena for TV commercial

Few would have imagined the pairing of our own Karan with Kareena Kapoor. Except for the first three letters of their respective names in English, there is hardly anything that might have made a director or producer to bring the plump-looking Karan and Kareena, the actress with an enviable hourglass figure, together on screen. Yet, the unthinkable has happened, albeit for a commercial.

Karan started playing the lead role very late in films, more than one-and-a-half decade after he made his debut as an actor in films. His latest release in lead role was Thambi Vettothi Sundaram opposite Anjali which released late last year and did an average business at the box-office. Kareena, on the other hand, is the ‘No.1’ actress in Hindi along with Katrina Kaif.
The duo of Karan and Kareena are spotted in an advertisement for a popular two wheeler. Kareena plays a cute-looking sales girl who takes Karan, the client, out on a test-drive by sitting beside him on the pillion. It’s indeed sad that in real life, one hardly comes across a sales girl as hot as Kareena!
The ad shows Karan, who takes out the test-drive offer and gets down mocking Kareena saying “The scooter is good but your Tamil is bad!” Karan, when quizzed about the experience of working with Kareena, said that the top actress didn’t throw any starry tantrum nor displayed any ego during the shooting. The ad was reportedly shot in the first week of December in Mumbai.
“Kareena was extremely cooperative and talkative; as I knew Hindi very well, I didn’t have any problems in conversing with her. The 45-second ad was shot for almost 48 hours, with our own Nataraj (hero of Milaga) functioning as the cinematographer,” informs Karan and adds that his next release would be Sooran directed by Balu Narayanan.

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