Vijay gives away relief materials ‘Thane’ Victims

Last week, actor Vijay visited the localities and people badly affected by the recent ‘Thane’ storm which hit the coastal belt of Tamil Nadu damaging properties worth crores of rupees in the U.T. of Puducherry. Storms are a rare phenomenon in Tamil Nadu but the change appears to be changing of late.

The State Government’s relief and rehabilitation and disaster management departments are working overtime to ensure that the relief material including food, clothing and shelter provided by the Government are reached to the affected people in Cuddalore. However, there are some who criticize the government for not doing ‘enough’ relief work to mitigate the sufferings of the poor.
Vijay visited Cuddalore recently with the office-bearers of his fans’ club in the U.T. He distributed rice, utensils for domestic use and cement sheets to serve as roof for the houses to be made to thousands of people who were greatly touched by the actor’s gesture. He also announced that he was ready to distribute more relief material when the need arose.
He also undertook a tour of the affected localities and spoke to the people there. All those who received the relief material thanked Vijay and dispersed.

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