Actor Simbhu's Heroine Is a Politician Now

Rakshitha was one of the hottest Heroines in the South Indian film industry. She made her debut and has acted in many languages like Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

In Tamil, Rakshitha has acted in the movies like ‘Madurey’ with Vijay, and ‘Dum’ with Simbhu. After her Marriage with Prem, she quit the film industry.

Now, Rakshitha is back. No, she is not acting again. She is entering into Politics. Recently, she has expressed her desire to join the BSR Congress. This BSR Congress is a newly formed Party in Karnataka Politics.

On her decision about joining in Politics, Rakshitha says that, “The main reason for joining this party is, I like the policies and principles of this party. Recently, I had meeting with Sriramulu, the party founder and expressed my desire to join their cause.

This Party concentrates majorly on the Northern Karnataka. There are many areas in this region, which does not basic facilities also. I will put in my efforts in developing this region and this Party”


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