Actress Asin Loves Adventure Sports

Asin is a talented beauty. This fact may not be known to many that, she is a Lover of Adventure Sports also. There is news that, recently she has done Paragliding.

Asin is presently involved in the Shooting of the Bollywood film ‘Bol Bachchan’. The filming of this movie, by Rohit Shetty is on in Panchgani. In between, Asin got a day off. During that break, she wanted to try Adventure Sports.

Close sources to the Actress Asin say that, “Very few people know that Asin is a fan of adventure sports and loves trying out new stuff all the time. So, when she found out about the paragliding facility in Panchgani, she immediately made a plan to try it out.

Asin does not stop with Adventure Sports like Paragliding alone. She rents Cycle in the evenings after the Shooting is over, and goes on cycling on a unique trail, which is made especially for cyclists. The Sources adds that, “Asin tries that, she does not miss out on her cycling as it’s an easy form of exercise,”

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