‘Disability is not an inability’ says Abinaya

With a hearing impairment, Abinaya made her mark as a talented actress with her remarkable performance in Nadodigal.
The journey has not been easy for this beautiful woman. Abinaya’s father explains, “Within 30 days after she was born, we came to know that she has got a hearing impairment. We accepted it and prepared our mind to support our child. She was also unable to walk till she was 3 years of age.

After medical treatment we made her walk. She was placed in a special school where she learnt lip-reading. She was very expressive right from her childhood and so we encouraged her to take up acting.
Though her physical challenges upset her sometime, she never indulged in self-pity. She has overcome her disability with a positive attitude. Now as an actress she feels that language is not a barrier and she is able to work in any language.
” Her dad continues, “It was difficult until she was offered her debut film Nadodigal. Many hesitated to give her an opportunity as they thought that it would be too difficult to enact a scene with her. But Samuthrakani trusted her capability and introduced her in Nadodigal.”
On her never-say-die attitude, he says, “She works incredibly hard and is v ery focused on the task at hand. She immerses herself in the character and her mom is her constant companion.
Abinaya has never felt shaken by the prejudice that comes her way. She has totally accepted herself and knows her limitations. With these limitations, she has also worked on building her skill-set and polishing her talents. Her disability is not an inability.”

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