Actress Disha Pandey Is Busy in Kollywood Again

Disha Pandey made her debut in the Hindi film ‘Bolo Raam’, which is the remake of the Tamil movie ‘Raam’. Then, she entered Kollywood through the film ‘Thamizh Padam’, and then featured in a Telugu film called ‘Moksha’.

Now, Disha Pandey is busy in Kollywood. She is acting in as much as 3 projects in Tamil. They are ‘Mayanginen Thayanginen’, in which she acts as a service operator, and in ‘Keeripulla’.

Disha Pandey has recently signed on ‘Chikki Mukki’. It is directed by a Norway-based director called Srikanthraja. On speaking about the film, the Director says, “Disha is acting in the character of a wife who craves for her husband’s love.

But, her husband is not in a position to understand his wife’s love over him. In this situation, another man becomes crazy for her and tries to woo her. Almost all the works of the film is over. Only few songs are yet to be completed. The film would release in short duration”.

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