Actress Bindu Madhavi to Change Her Name as Bindu Sagar?

Bindu Madhavi’s last release was ‘Kazhugu’, her debut film in Kollywood, in which she acted with Krishna Shekar. This film received very good responses from one and all.

News are making rounds that, Bindhu Madhavi has recently changed her name. Some people in the industry said that, she has taken this decision, as she missed out some projects in Kollywood, which she should have grabbed.

Bindu Madhavi denied that there is no such reason behind this. Bindu said, “There are no significances with numerology for this name changes. Above all, I did not even make this name change official until now.

I had a brother named Sagar, over whom I was very fond of. He was involved in the preparations of his civil services exams. He expired suddenly. I started to feel his absence.

That’s when, I checked with my near and dear to call me, with his name attached to my name (Bindu + Sagar = Bindu Sagar). This was to keep his memory alive with me and reduce the feelings of his absence. All the people around me accepted to my plea and have started to call me as ‘Bindu Sagar’”.

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