Actress Revathy: Viewers cannot be cheated

An actress of repute for nearly three decades, Revathy's short film 'Red Building Where The Sun Set' was selected for a National Award this year. The actress, who was in New Delhi to attend the awards ceremony, said "viewers can not be cheated easily".
"Despite the attention span of audience has decreased considerably these years, it is difficult to cheat them. In fact, they have to be given a lot in a short period of time. Only then things will work," she said.
Expressing her concern on films for children, Revathy said, "India doesn't make too many movies for children. But we make films about children. There is a big difference between these two."
On winning the National Award, she said, "I think it is a very special feeling." Revathy, who earlier won National Awards twice (for 'Devar Magan' in 1992 and for 'Mitr My Friend' in 2002), added: "It's interesting how I feel because I have won every 10 years. I am hoping next one is not in 2022, but a little earlier."
Revathy's 'Red Building Where The Sun Sets' shows how fights between parents affect children.

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