Actor Jiiva in Seeman's 'Pagalavan'!

When it was expected that Vijay and director Seeman would come together for a film titled 'Pagalavan', a full-stop to the buzz arrived, stating that the project was shelved due to "unavoidable reasons".
However, Seeman is now reviving the film, with Jiiva replacing Vijay. Says the Tamil activist, "Vijay initially accepted to be part of the project as he was impressed listening the story. But I don't know why he opted out of it later."
Seeman adds: "I am currently in talks with Jiiva and am sure that he would do this film. Once the movie gets released, those who had missed it would realize that they had actually committed a mistake."
Throwing light on the story of 'Pagalavan', Seeman says, "It's about problems faced by the people. It's about the inaccessibility to quality education. The theme of the movie is 'education is for people'."

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