Music Director AR Rahman’s AM Studio introduces 7.1 technology to Kollywood

A new technology has been adopted by AR Rahman’s AM Studio to the south Indian film industry.
The AM Studio has come out with the concept of 7.1 surround sound track for South Indian movies. The 7.1 sound track will have 8 channels of audio output with left, centre, right, left side surround, right side surround, left rear surround, right rear surround and a low frequency enhancer. This technology familiar in Hollywood has a few movies in Bollywood Dum Maaro Dum, Rockstar released in 7.1 sound track.
Now, Rahman’s AM Studio has introduced this 7.1 technology to the south Indian film industry. Director Ameer’s Aadhi Baghawan with Jayam Ravi in the lead will be the first Tamil feature film to be mixed in 7.1 surround sound track. With the modern digital sound systems installed in most of the theatres in Tamil Nadu, the 7.1 technology can be easily adapted to the existing system for a better output.

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