Tom Hanks inspires Shaam

Shaam is busy wrapping up his dream project, which has the symbol 6 as its title and is directed by V. Z. Durai.

The movie has already created a buzz in trade circles for its intriguing content and Shaam’s experimental looks.
The actor’s commitment to the complex role of Ram, which spans the three different stages of a man’s life, is apparent.
In the last one-and-a-half years, Shaam has turned down at least three Tollywood flicks and has been pretty much living the character he plays in this film.
He has shed 16 kilos over the last eight months,and grown his hair as well as a beard. When the director wanted a new look for the climax that is to be shot in Kolkatta, and where the actor has to sport the look of a beggar who comes in search of something, what Shaam did shocked everyone in the unit.
The actor reportedly took two weeks sabbatical and went sleepless to get that perfect look — with swollen under-eye bags (See Pic).
No one in the unit recognized him when he reported back at the locale. Speaking to DC from Hyderabad, Shaam says, “The movie 6 is very close to my heart.
There are six different looks and the story traverses six different cities namely Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Lucknow and culminates in Kolkatta.
When Durai wanted those specific looks, I thought why not give it a try without any makeup or CG work. Hollywood star Tom Hank’s looks in the film Cast Away inspired me a lot.
Closer to home, Rajini sir’s risky efforts for Endhiran and Kamal sir’s incredible avatars in Dasavatharam motivated me.” He also revealed that the people of Kolkatta who saw him at the locale, did not believe that he was a popular star down south.

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