Actress Karthika in London School of Economics

If you think 'Ko' girl Karthika is focusing on her acting career alone, you are wrong. The actress is simultaneously doing a business degree through correspondence from the London School of Economics.
"I always love to learn new things and being the eldest kid of the family, I have to take care of our (hotel) family business. In fact, before entering into acting, I was a sincere student," Karthika says.
The daughter of yesteryear top heroine Radha adds: "But this doesn't mean that I will not concentrate on acting. I will sail on both the boats without rocking either of them."
Karthika is on the verge of finishing Bharathiraja's 'Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum'. Her father runs hotel business in Mumbai and hence, the actress is shuttling between Mumbai and Chennai to take care of her interests.

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