Director Shankar and his ‘du’ sentiment

Shankar, the showman of Tamil cinema, is busy with his next film, I, featuring Vikram and Amy Jackson in the lead.

Produced at a staggering cost of Rs 140 crore by Aascar Ravichandran, the music has been composed by A.R. Rahman. The title of the Telugu version is Manoharudu.
In Tamil, I means beauty, king and vulnerability while Manoharudu means handsome guy. Shankar has an affinity for titles ending with ‘du’ in Tollywood.
Titles of many of his earlier Telugu hits also end with ‘du’ — Premikudu (Kaadhalan),Okay Okkadu (Mudhalvan), Bharatheeyu-du (Indian) and Aparichudu (Anniyan).
While P.C. Sriram is behind the camera, we hear that Shankar is on the lookout for yet another heroine for the film.

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