I’d never put on obscene costumes, says Nisha Agarwal

Nisha Agarwal is the debutant heroine waiting to make waves in Tamil films. As the name amply suggests, Nisha is the younger sibling of established actress Kajal Agarwal, who has been among the leading heroines in both Tamil and Telugu films. Nisha’s stature, physics and facial appearance resemble very almost that of Kajal.

Nisha would be debuting as Vimal’s heroine in the upcoming film Ishtam. Thanks to her elder sibling’s popularity, Nisha knows a thing or two about how it feels like being a newcomer in the industry. “I’m very happy to be debuting in Tamil through Ishtam. I’m also doing a couple of Telugu films as well. In fact, I love the professional ethics and work culture followed both in Telugu and Tamil film industries.
“Shooting schedules are strictly adhered to as per original plans which are quite appreciable. Only recently, I completed the shooting of one of the Telugu films. The shooting schedule of the other film was halted due to the Telengana struggle; I now come to know that the film has since been abandoned for the time being. I’m not sure when the shooting schedule would resume.
“Like Kajal, I’d love to star in films in all languages. Soon, I’d be making my debut in Bollywood as well. Whatever film offers I’m getting, I first discuss it with Kajal and then decide about which ones to take up and which ones to reject. We both criticize each other’s work in a constructive manner which helps us to avoid whatever errors we might commit.
“Irrespective of the money offered to me, I shall never put on swim-wear in any of my movies. I’d always ensure that the costume(s) I put on doesn’t make me and the audiences feel embarrassed,” concludes Nisha.

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