Actress Amala Paul takes stride over her career

This calendar year began in a happy and promising note for actress Amala Paul. While the political circles were focused on the Lok Pal, film goers adduced their attention to this glam. She was not in the forefront until Prabu Solomon vouchsafed her for his Myna.

There after Amala was in the tight schedules leading to the daring heights for more films. Even now she has got some decent numbers in Kollywood. But things are not in her way as of now due to more arrivals in the industry. This made her to look for her safe haven in Tollywood where too there was no red carpet welcome. Hence Amala is heading towards her home land Mollywood for a good break.
Amala has gone to the extent of compromising on costumes and she dares to have even bikini if the script demands. She made it clear that all depends on the director’s insistence and the need for the story. Further Amala said she cannot predict her future in this fast changing world as competition is heavier. To her account for this year Amala has MUK, KSY and Vettai to be termed as a hat-trick.

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