Actress Priyamani speaks about Charulatha

Priyamani while speaking about her film Charulatha said, "This is a heroine oriented story. The story is inspired from a foreign film. This film is being produced in Kannada and Tamil.
This film is not being dubbed in Tamil. This is a direct Tamil film. The story of this film is about twins born confounded. When I heard the story, i found it was very challenging so I accepted it. We have seen these kinds of twins in newspapers and TV channels only.
I have not seen them personally. How difficult it would be for them. There will be so many problems like anatomy and medical problems. There will be many more problems. On the whole this is a tough role.

Many are asking me that whether I am ready for this role. Yes. I don’t want to lie by saying that I had learnt their body language by sitting with them for 10 days. I have only read that how their body language will be. That’s all. There is also a question that whether the twins will come confounded in the film Charulatha. They will come confounded as well as separately. I cannot narrate the whole story. This is a fantastic thriller film.

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