Someone must have born for me: Nyanthara

Ever since the heart breaking break up with Prabhu Deva, Nayanthara has been devastated. Or so we thought. After keeping mum for several months, she opened up her heart only to say that she felt cheated.
Time seems to have been a healer in her case. “If a film of mine fails, I feel sad but for a moment. I immerse myself in my work the very next moment. When we face difficulties in life, it might take some time to recoup from it. I still have respect for love. I believe that someone must have born for me,” she says.
“There is nothing wrong in having hopes for our future. Who knows, tomorrow may be having so many twists in store for me. God must have so many sweet things for me. I should continue my journey to enjoy those fruits,” an optimistic Nayan says.

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